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ABOUT Dr Herba:

As a child I suffered needlessly with migraine headaches.My personal mission is to educate every parent, grandparent  and child that many times this can be resolved by safe, natural chiropractic care. If my parents knew what I know now, most of my childhood wouldn’t have been spent going to specialist after specialist, taking medication after medication.While I was completing my Molecular and Microbiology training at UCF, , we were seeing amazing results with natural, non drug solutions. After the experiences as a child with chiropractic, and the results we were getting with these patients, the decision to become a Chiropractor was the logical choice.

Recently I have been Nominated to the Prestigious “Wellness Advisory Board” for Team USA Olympic governing bodies of USA Judo, USA wrestling, USA weightlifting and USA volleyball.  Treating champions helps me to deliver the highest care to our local athletes and many ‘weekend warriors’.

In 2012, I traveled to London for the Olympic Games to care for our athletes and make sure they perform at their very best.
Thanks for visiting our site, I look forward to meeting you in person, and helping you achieve your health goals. Email me or give our office a call so we can set up a time to discuss your options.

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